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We offer the following Technology Transfer services for companies to increase their competitiviness
1. Technological and innovative diagnosis, detection of business needs

Either you have a need or a problem, we offer the possibility to visit your company and provide you with technology solutions with the support, knowledge and capabilities of our research groups.
We analyse the needs and technological potential of your company and we offer options to improve your competitiveness.

2. Technology offer and lines of research

We offer the capabilities and technology developed by our research groups that best suit your needs.
We provide you with a portfolio of over 200 patents and the experience and knowledge of 200 reserach groups, with more than 1,500 lines of research oriented to the main nearby industrial sectors that can increase your competitiveness.

3. RED-PI+D+i. Information on R&D+i funding

We offer you free consulting on how to get national and international funding for your company R&D+i projects.

4. Search for H2020 international opportunities

Should you be interested in participating with the University of Alicante in R&D+i international projects, we help you join international research consortia, H2020, EUREKA, etc.

5. R&D+i funding management consulting

Should you need external funding to carry out your projects in collaboration with our research groups, we offer you advice and how to manage R&D+i funds

6. Management of contracts

We manage your collaboration contract signed by our research groups .

7. Access to the University of Alicante's portfolio

We offer you the chance to acquire any of our protected technolgies so that you can enter the market competitively, advising you on the most suitable transfer strategy.

8. Transnational technology transfer

We disseminate your supply and demand technology in other countries to make your internationalisation easier through business and technology alliances.

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